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Microwave cooker

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1. This rice cooker can solve all problems from preparation to cooking and eating;
2. The black rice water filter is provided in the rice cooker to facilitate rice washing. After the rice is washed, the black bowl can be directly put into the white pot for microwave heating;
3. The rice shovel has multiple functions, which can not only be embedded in the top of the lid to ensure that the lid is closed, but also can be used as a rice cooker handle for convenient access.


Name: Microwave cooker
Product material: plastic
Capacity: 2L
Material: food grade plastic
Heat resistance range: -20 ° C -100 ° C
Product specifications: about 18*18*14cm/7.09*7.09*5.51in

Packing size: about 185*185*150mm/7.2887.28*5.91in

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